Why You Should Stop Fearing Mercury in Retrograde

Where do I begin this semi educational rant about the frenzy that has become the at least thrice time annual event of my personal ruling planets Retrograde. Well let’s start by addressing the many falsehoods, and misnomers associated with this time and for once and for all conclude that no the world is not ending the sky is not falling and you will be just fine after this little but consequential planet places itself yet again ahead of the earth in its orbital appearance. Mercury Retrogrades 3-4x per a year and this has been going on for decades, century, and millennia before you were made aware of it. So why is it that Everytime this quick but fated planet makes its retrograde that impending doomsday forecasts sweeps across timelines everywhere. So  for once and for all let’s put to bed all the BS about retrogrades and outline what Mercury in retrograde really means and even how we can use it for our benefit.


The retrograde in purely astronomical terms is a time where a planet appears to be moving backwards through the sky from Earth’s perspective. I say appears quite purposefully because it’s not actually anything more than an optical illusion created by the placement and inconsistencies of different planets orbits around the sun. In essence the retrograde isn’t much more than an illusion. So why fear this all powerfully ement time? Exactly, there is literally no real need to fear this time as in it an inevitable part of our Earth’s yearly journey around the sun.


So let’s get back to the fun stuff, astrology. According to astrology the placement and movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies affects the psychological and even physical status of the people, situations, and events occuring on a planet. While I agree with the science of astrology when applied correctly, when sensationalized and over done it can become a shit show of overly theatrical claims of impending doom. What do I mean by this? While I believe it true that the planets and other heavenly bodies do affect us, our free will and personal mastery over ourselves and our lives should not be dismissed because of a routine astrological occurrence. Meaning if mercury in retrograde in theory can crash my computer then I can also effectively manifest a new one just as easily.


What I am truly trying to point out is that it is human nature to often want to take the power of effecting our world’s out of our hands and place it into some larger perspective. “Ah hah, yes Mercury in Rx must be the reason why I keep repeating the same behavioral mistakes and manifesting a life of total suckatuide.” This mentality is no different than a child who blames the rock they tripped over for destroying their beloved ice cream snack. It is simply absurd that adult human beings who are supposed to show the capability of complex thought would relinquish all of their own personal power to the illusion of a planet moving backwards. So naturally that’s exactly what happens, people literally lose their ever given minds everytime a retrograde occurs.


Personally I look at any retrograde especially that of my sun signs ruler as a time for exploration of the inner world. A time to engage in self analysis and reclaim, reorganize, and rethink the many occurrences of life that have helped, hindered, or changed us over the course of the past few weeks, months, and years. All of you is not aware of all of you all of the time. Now what I mean by that very confusing sentence is that we are not always aware of all the levels of our mind. Our mind is always recording all the realities going on around us at once and we absorb far more information about the world around us and our place in it than we could ever possibly hope to conceive in our short lifetimes. Much of the information we gather is stored in the subconscious mind, where the majority of it sits never truly being maximized or sometimes, and this is my favorite, being organized into random sequences to create weird ass dreams, but I digress. Since most of this information is rarely tapped into I look at the retrogrades as wonderful opportunities to halt the input process and give us insight into our inner storehouse of information. Now I see why for some this can see extremely inconvenient, especially for those of us who are content to just keep living without any insight as to why we live or how we affect change in the world around us and vice versa, but for those of us committed to a deeper level of awareness this isn’t a time for fear at all but of exploration of the untapped resources of the mind. Since Mercury is the ruler of thought it serves us to understand that Mercury in retrograde is really a time to reset the mind with intention and this mercury in retrograde converging with a new moon in Pisces gives us a unique opportunity to explore the intersection between our mind, our imagination, and our intention, giving rise to what can be considered the perfect recipe for inventive and revolutionary insight into our mental/ emotional awareness. How well we handle that opportunity is up to us, but one thing I am sure of is that if we keep allowing the major influences in our lives hinder us from delving deeper than we may always feel comfortable we will be living a life of perpetual hardship, and overall disfunction. Life is not supposed to always be easy or nice or fun it is the inevitable realization of so many lessons and understandings about ourselves the world around us and the universe itself. So if sometimes that doesn’t come wrapped in a pretty little neat bow of non retrograde realness, then so be it. Because life is far more than than the fond memories of what was made easy but rather a collection of varied perspectives and opinions on all the challenges we’ve faced.


So how do we effectively navigate the retrograde? To put it simply, we should dismiss our preconceived fears and expectation negative or positive about this time. Mercury rules over the signs of Gemini and Virgo two mutable signs which means they flow in flexibility between the transition of the seasons and this is reflected in the energy of their personalities. When you become too rigid during this time you end up creating more drama than good. Do go with the flow even if it’s uncomfortable wait it out and it will pass.


One of the next things we should be doing during this time is recording our thoughts and dreams as Mercury is the planet of communication when it’s in retrograde this is a wonderful time to start journaling or writing out our thoughts this can help us to process and review the lessons we are learning at this time in our lives.


Lastly we can use a bit of magickal influence to assist us. One of the planetary magicks that I’ve been working with most often these days is Jupiter. This amazing planetary giant is all about fortune, and dance, growth, and expansion. So by using Jupiter work at this time I personally I have seen great results in moving my manifestations along despite the current retrograde.  


So if you really suck at Retrogrades or just haven’t really had the best of luck with them try some of the tips shared in this blog post to help you navigate and if you still feel you might need a little more assistance try our latest service/product package kit.

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Rituals & Energy Work for the Supermoon in Virgo

For those who don’t know a supermoon is a rare convergence of two spectacular events happening simultaneously. Every moon cycle there is a point where the moon is closest and a time when the moon appears to be full in the sky. When these two events happen at the sametime we call this a supermoon.


A supermoon packs all the punch of a full moon multiplied in its energetic pull and influence over the planet and all those who dwell on it. A supermoon for an energy worker is a perfectly powerful time to do any rituals or undertakings that require great effort and energy to be completed. For example, let’s say you have been working for months or even years on manifesting a specific thing or situation and have been making progress but still haven’t quite reached that goal as of yet, try using this rare lunar occurrence in conjunction with its corresponding astrological energy to unlock the energies needed to boost your manifestation power.


On Feb. 19, 2019 there will be a supermoon in the sign of Virgo. This supermoon will be a perfect time to manifest any works concerning health, employment, or family healing. Virgo is a wonderful placement for this supermoon; as it also marks the first full moon of the lunar year and thus can represent a gateway that will open up the energies that can unlock the coming new cycle.


Here are some simple Energy Workings/Rituals that you can use that will help you to affect change in any area of your life needed during this time.


A Spiritual Herb Bath


A spiritual herbal bath uses the magickal properties of herbs to create an infusion that can be used in the magickal practice of bathing. A spiritual bath is great for clearing energies away or adding in energies into ones aura helping your spiritual body to receive the vibrations of the herbs.


Simple Supermoon Spiritual Bath



  • Sage (Spiritual Protection)
  • Hyssop (Cleansing)
  • Rosemary (Spiritual awakening)
  • Fennel (Virgo Herb; Can be interchanged if you are working with a different astrological energy)

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  1. Boil cold water in a stainless steel, or copper pot (never use aluminium or teflon for magickal works)
  2. Put a tablespoon of each herb into the boiling water and let it simmer for 15 mins at a medium low heat.
  3. After the mixture has released some color shut off the heat and let the mixture steep for another 10 mins.
  4. Strain the mixture and let it cool until it is the desired temperature to be added to your bath.
  5. Pour in the liquid and submerge your entire body into the bath for at least 15 mins.


While in the bath you can take a moment to meditate on your goals, you can increase the power of this bath by adding candles and mantras or frequencies that have the properties of what you are trying to manifest. You can even add corresponding crystals. 


Crystal Gridding


Crystal gridding is one of my favorite ways to activate and amplify the power of crystals. A crystal grid is an alignment of crystals into a specific or significant position that will help to magnify their power. The most powerful grid alignments are based on sacred geometry, the study of the spiritual power of certain shapes and patterns. By integrating sacred geometry and the understanding of crystal properties you can come up with some pretty powerful combinations.



  1. Choose the space that you will use to set up your crystal grid. Ideally it should be an open space where the grid won’t be bothered. It would be nice if it was by a window but not necessary.
  2. Choose the stones you wish to use. If you want to do something for this supermoon you may wish to choose stones that resonate with the sign of virgo such as carnelian (link to purchase), moonstone, amazonite, or chrysocolla.
  3. Set down a sacred covering or spiritually wash, smudge, or sage the space you are about to use.
  4. Choose the pattern or grid you will use. You can look many up on google images or you can start with a very simple circle around a center stone.
  5. Take a crystal wand of quartz, selenite, or any wand of your choosing and imagine a white light pouring through it and uniting each stone on the grid as you point to them in a cohesive movement. Do not break your lines and try to really visualize the light to the best of your ability.
  6. Once your grid is activate it let it sit in the space for at least 12 hours or up to three days during the full moon cycle.  


A Simple Petition & Candle


Petitions are an easy and effective way to write out your intentions and keep them at the forefront of your own consciousness as well as making them clear for the ritual that you are intending to do. You can write out a petition to specific deity or spirit that will assist you or you can simply write out what you want to achieve. Either way the only consistent thing that is important in making your petition effective is making sure to be a specific and straightforward as you can possibly be within writing it. Writing in the present tense and being intentional about your word choice is imperative to making sure that what you are asking is clearly stated. Ask for exactly what you want, for example write “ I am hired at the new job of my dreams. I make the exact salary I desire and am surrounded by positive and amazing co workers.” instead of writing “ I want a new job.” By being this specific you are ensuring that the scenario you are asking for unfolds the exact way you wish.


Candles magick is one of the most effective and accessible forms of ritual work you can use. The candles I recommend working with most are 7 day ritual candles because they are the safest to use especially if you are new to candle work and then can be easily found in most stores as catholic prayer candles. They are encased in glass which is very safe for when you are burning them over a long period of time. The empty glass can also be read after the ritual to gauge its effectiveness.


Supermoon Petition & Candle Ritual



  • 7 Day Candle
  • Anointing oil of your choice (use oils that match your objective for example if its a healing ritual use healing oil)
  • Petition paper ( Parchment paper square, brown paper bag square, or blank paper square.)
  • Dressing herbs (optional; any of the herbs from the spiritual bath can be used or reused after being strained if desired)



  1. Clear your space with sage or herbal protection smudge
  2. Write out your petition on petition paper in a color pen that matches your intention blue= prosperity, abundance, spiritual growth green= healing, health, money red= war, lust, protection, quick manifestation black = protection, justice, power, domination ect.
  3. Anoint your petition with corresponding oil and or sprinkle corresponding herbal mixture over the petition sparingly
  4. Fold the petition away from you for banishing and towards you to beckon or call in.
  5. Place prepared candle  on top of or behind petition and light it while holding the intention of the ritual.
  6. Intone or verbally pray/ chant over the candle and close with words of power, “ so it be, ase, ayibo, ect.”


These simple yet powerful acts can draw in immense power on this upcoming supermoon, Remember the energy of the full moon lasts for 3 days the day before, during, and after, and you may capitalize on this energy throughout most of the week by praying, affirming, or intending your goals into fruition.


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Embracing Change & Evolution as the Keys to Living Abundantly

A lot of us go through life expecting for things to change for the worst fearing the future and what it and we may become. Through my 7 Years of experience as a trained Spiritual Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, I have gathered many effective tools, strategies, and therapies that are designed to specifically release the fear of change and help you ascend to the next level in your life. In this blog I will specifically address 3 major shifts in mindset that can help cultivate success in one’s holistic experience of life.


As far as ideas go, the idea that one is in a constant state of flux or change rules as a never ending and ever revealing constant. That being said no two people are destined to experience that change in the same way. Nevertheless there are basic ruling principles that when applied correctly to anyone’s life, can help them remove the barriers that are holding them back from living in their highest potential. Over the past few months and years many have been called in major ways to shift and heal their lives by working through traumas that have occurred as a result of living life and simply having a human experience. These calls to action have affected many people both negatively and positively in different areas of their relationships to themselves, others, their life paths, as well as their relationships with energy itself.


Subjectivity vs Objectivity


The first of these mindset shifts is in my opinion the biggest key to unlocking the shift from the experience of trauma or pain to understanding the value and growth inside of these experiences. It comes from one’s ability to shift from the perspectives of subjectivity to objectivity. Although this may sound daunting it is a simple shift in the way we view life. The shift from subjectivity requires that a person fully understand and assess the way they view themselves. Shifting from subjectivity removes the personal idea that things are happening to you rather than for you. Objectivity can only be achieved once a person has separated themselves from the personal offense of first hand experience and shifts themselves into an observational perspective in their lives. This is very much so like going from being the main character in a book or film to narration of one’s own autobiography. By making the effort to view one’s life as a series of events that are cultivating different skill sets and opportunities for growth healing and change; we thereby take back the power over our abilities to calculate, intend, and influence our futures. Although no one person can be sure of their ability to know their future. One can take the steps necessary to impacting their future selves in positive and productive ways, helping to secure and create a future that is written and influenced more by their personal empowerment rather than subjectivity to the vascelating experience of life.
Balance is More Important than Happiness


Anyone who has spent even one day in the human experience we share called life, can attest to the idea that happiness is one of the most invigorating feelings in the world it has the power to shift and uplift the human spirit and help us to pivot even if only for a moment in the direction of optimism. The problem with the idea of happiness is that it is an ever fleeting emotion that by design is not meant to be permanent. Although there is a vast spectrum of emotions ranging from joy to despair and every note in between to be experienced, for some reason humanity continues to push forward the idea that all anyone ever wants is to just be happy. While on this surface this may be true it can be argued that what we truly longing for in our human experience is balance and growth. Two main ideas that can only be derived by a varied collection of experiences that range in emotional tone. I am by no means suggesting that we reject the idea of happiness as a whole; but rather am suggesting that by viewing it as a final destination we create more damage than good. As we observe ourselves and many others fighting against the tides of perfectly healthy and normal emotions to try to maintain this ever illusory concept of true happiness; it only serves to show that what we truly need is balance not the idea of high highs and extreme lows. The human mind by nature has juxtaposing polarities existing in tandem with each other to create a whole. We have the analytical mind vs the creative, the conscious vs subconscious, and the wake vs the dream. All of these dualistic concepts further show the necessity of balancing between extremes rather than choice or persuasive dominance of one over the other. Both pieces of the self are needed to address the many different experiences we will have as humans. The multifaceted nature of our beings is what helps to create unique and important revelations about the human experience itself. So this idea that happiness should overcome sadness, anger, anxiety, or depression, is by design a flawed concept. It makes us believe that something is wrong if we are not happy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, the experience of negative emotions is there to show you the hidden parts of yourself and reality that need to be healed, addressed or simply observed in order to appreciate the fullness of who you are meant to be and what life can ultimately offer. By choosing balance over happiness we make a wiser effort to stray away from the emotional pendulum swing that can cause disruption in our person peace and lead us away from understanding our true purpose.


Manifesting by First Letting Go


The subtle art of manifestation through surrender seems counterintuitive to everything that most people have been taught about manifesting in life. Yet it is one of the most powerful steps anyone could ever take. How many times have you heard the saying, “ If you love something, you must let it go.” This can also be said for the idea of wanting or desiring a thing. Letting something go doesn’t mean that we are taking it out of the equation rather we are allowing this idea, person, or thing the space it needs to develop without the constant scrutiny of the conscious mind. By saying to yourself, “I release this thing,” whatever it maybe; we allow ourselves the chance to release the anxiety and fear our heart was using to cling to and control what we claim to love. Surrendering yourself to the idea that,even without this grand desire you can still remain joyful and content, is a powerful life altering concept. One that demands patience and wisdom as well as discipline from the mind that holds it. Through conditioning the mind to release rather than attach we negate our own tendency to get in the way of our own “happiness.” By becoming less attached to what we want, we bring that idea to us in a way where it co-exisits with us rather than us dominating it or it dominating us. Thus allowing you to access a flow by which you can align into your manifestations rather than forcing these things to appear by sheer will alone. Energy and all things comprised of energy exist in relationship to us and by understanding the relationship we have with the things we desire we not only encourage healthier interactions with these people, ideas, or things, we also encourage a healthier relationship with the part of our selves that pushes towards a concept and the part of ourselves that receives it. Helping us to find a desired pace of manifesting that is optimal to our needs for growth, achievement, and understanding.


The process of illumination is a journey by which certain truths help us to evolve into more aware beings. When we choose to illuminate our minds, hearts, and spirits we not only shine bright enough for others to admire us but become the best that we can see in ourselves. This idea balances between the human need for achievement and recognition as well as the growth and wisdom desired for us to co-exist. By becoming the best version of yourself you are performing a service to those who you interact with. Thus leaving a legacy of change and healing that can help to shift the future of yourself and others.


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Senstive Is Powerful; Harnessing the Gift of Being an Empath

If you are here chances are you are an empath, some of you maybe aware of it while others you are not, either way your gifts are more than just mere emotions. Over my years of doing this spiritual work I have encountered numerous souls with this amazing gift although most of you are surpressing it in some form because you do not understand its amazing power. For those of you who may be unaware an empath is a person with the ability to feel and sense other peoples emotions, intentions, and feelings intuitively and almost automatically. When you are an empath you have the ability to literally feel what others are feeling. At first this gift can be quiet overwhleming but over time by culitivating your natural gift you can learn to use it to do some pretty amazing things. Some of the awesome ways empaths can use their gitts include but are not limitted to, creative expression and performance, teaching counceling and consulting roles, motivational and inspirational speaking, holistic and energy healing, mediumship and channeling work, and the list goes on.


The role of the empath is to be the beating heart of a society to be interconnected to not only how others feel but to sense how the earth, the plants, the animals, and all living things seen and unseen are connected into a higher consciousness. Often times we curse our gifts because it makes us feel life so deeply an we can’t seem to harness our emotions. The key to this is to STOP surpressing your emotional responses to life. If you want to cry let it out, it doesn’t make you weak to feel, but you must learn to feel through your feelings and not allow yourself to become the feelings themselves. This is the challenge we all face as empaths it is easy for us to slip into anxiety, depression and other mental/emotional health challenges because of the depth and the degree to which we feel. At times this can be exagerated by other aspects of our gifts and make us feel powerless to overcome or move our negative feelings. The first step here is to learn that NOT everything you are feeling is your own emotion. It’s like you can sometimes feel like a white water rafter caught in the violent current of negative emotions. Some of this may be your own but most of the time alot of it isn’t. As empaths we carry not only the feelings of those around us physically but ancestral, and spiritual karmas and burddens passed on to us. We feel the weight of all of the lifetimes we’ve lived and every undone or unforfilled dream, promise, or wish of our ancestral lineage. Here is where we begin to learn the art of clearing, sheilding, and grounding our energy. These simple meditation techniques can change the life of an untrained empath and teach them to discriminate what is their own emotion and what is spiritually percieved.


Once you can tell the difference you can now begin to read the emotions rather than just feel them. You will be able to tell what people around you are feeling and you will also be able to sense how things will move and flow, but from a detached yet present state of awareness. This is the true power of the gift, we can become seers, messengers, and spiritual mediums of the amazing messages that spirit and the divine have to offer. We can now channel our compassion into healing art, beauty, teachings, and services that will help others like us and not like us to be able to deeply transform their own lives. The key to all of this is to acknowledge your gift, educate yourself about what it means, and STOP fighting it. The divine would not give you this gift if you also too did not possess the power to harness it. You need to know you are strong enough NOT to overcome it, but to accept it and use it to help others and yourself heal, grow, and change!

I hope these words reach those who needed to read or hear them when they needed it most and that one day you realize the full potential of the amazingly beautiful gift of being an empath.

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5 Tips to Maximize Spiritual Power During the Solar Eclipse

Many people are asking the questions, “What should I do during this upcoming eclipse?” “What energy work or rituals should I complete?” As a spiritualist I find that of course this is an auspicious time to take advantage of these amazingly powerful shifts, but simultaneously one shouldn’t JUMP to rush or feel compelled to do anything overly elaborate. The best things and sometimes most powerful thing that you can do is to totally surrender to the energy of the moment while remaining as grounded and presently aware as possible. Energy clearing and building techniques along with simple uses of the elements can bring great results remember its a moon day (monday) and we are talking about the lunar and solar energies. So here are some awesome and amazingly simple ways to maximize your spiritual power during this time

  1. Stay Grounded: Earthing or exchanging positive ions for natural and healthy negative ions through putting your feet into actual soil. Is an amazing way to help manifest some of the lofty energies of this powerful New Moon solar eclipse!

  1. Meditation: Meditating throughout the day will also help to keep you grounded but also can assist your body in receiving the cosmic downloads that come with most major astronomical events.
Young woman relaxing in the nude

  1. Crystal Gridding: Since we are keeping it super simple it is an amazing time to take it back to basics with elemental work. Creating simple to complex crystal grids especially outside will help to balance this energy. Since the time of the ancients the art of aligning different mineral composites with that of the solar and lunar eclipses and other major astronomical events was described as geomancy. This ancient art helps to direct and amplify the power of these events and has even been utilized to maintain order balance, and harmony with in global flow of energy. If you live on or near a layline it can be best to get to a hill, mound, or any sacred  spaces close to you!


  1. Intention setting: This combination of powerful masculine and feminine energies balanced in this beautiful way opens up many cosmic gates to manifest your desires. Pure and focused intention is one of the most powerful ways to manifest. Do a simple or complex intention setting ritual according to your desire focusing your energy on pulling what you want from the ether into your reality.

New Moon Ritual

  1. Divination & Ancestral Communication: This is a wonderful time to divine readings about your spiritual ascension or to gain insight into matters close to you. Pick up your tarot deck, oracle decks, & especially your I-ching books for amazing insight into how to best utilize this amazingly powerful shift.

crystals and tarot

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List of Powerful Crystals to work with..

  • Carnelian
  • Moonstone
  • Aquamarine
  • Rose Quartz
  • Red Jasper
  • Amethyst
  • Any Agate especially Fire
  • Any Calcite Especially Yellow & Orange
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Smokey Quartz

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List of Wonderful Herbs to work with…

  • Sage
  • Mullien
  • Chamomile
  • Cayenne
  • Nettle
  • Cinnamon
  • Anise
  • Chicory
  • Hyssop

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The Secret of Divine Manifestation: A Simple Guide for Getting What You Want

It’s pretty amazing how many wonderful people in this world are suffering because they don’t understand this one simple truth. You are attracting who, what, and how you are AT ALL TIMES. Let me explain this a bit further, in life there are many people who are extremely disheartened by their inability to move forward in the direction they desire, while others are frustrated with the inability to move when they feel they need to most. Both of these issues are actually caused by the same source, a disbelief in self worth. You are not going to move into a state of abundance until your understand that the greatest relationship that you will ever have in this life is the one you cultivate with yourself. Even beyond that how can the universe or spirit support you if you do NOT truly know what you want or how to ask for it?

I know what you’re thinking, “Tae, what are you talking about? I know exactly what I want.” Hmmm, well let’s examine one of my first statements, “Who, What, and HOW you are.” The funny thing about the universe is that there is a divine intelligence to it, and this goes beyond the cliche everything happens for a reason. Basically the universe will not only go by what you say you want, but by what you feel you want, act you want, and think you want most consistently. This intelligence is intrinsically interwoven into the core consciousness of all things, it is set up as a preprogrammed understanding between you and self that is there to assist you in fully becoming the ultimate version of your true being. There is no way to cheat this programing. Let me break this down a bit further, this intelligence is designed to MAKE you realize yourself. It’s function is to present you with challenges that hit your core, that oppose your weaknesses, to transmute them into higher realizations of your innate power. Basically, the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” speal but more like, “What comes to challenge you is really to move you forward.” The biggest challenge most people face in this life is the inability to realize that until you love, treat, feel, and create better for yourself you will not see these things manifest on the world around you, and if they do they will simply be superficial manifestations of wealth, happiness, or success. At the end of the day you can’t cheat loving yourself. It’s NOT just some cheesy self help concept, it’s one of the CORE principles of true abundance manifestation. All the rest of it, affirmations, writing things out, energy work, all of it is just a reflection of that self-worth and value. These are the ways you show yourself that I am willing to not only say that I love like or value me, but like in any truly healthy relationship, show myself each day that I am willing to take care of, unconditionally cherish, uplift, give, and create for myself.

NO it’s not selfish to love yourself first it’s necessary; because when you have not given love, respect, care, or attention to self first, how can you give what you don’t have to others. So fill the well with self care, self affirmation, self love, self reflection, self trust, self gratitude first, and then you will be able to move into a higher state of manifestation, not because you will want it alone but because you will understand from the core of your being that you have had the ability, the right, the tools, the talent, and the know how to get there all along. Beyond that you realize from your core, from your deepest self, that the what you seek is what you truly are.

Activities for Self Care & Reflection


  • Journaling/Letters to self
  • Spiritual Baths
  • Deep Breathing
  • Mindfulness & Compassion Based Meditation
  • Heart & Relationship Healing
  • Self forgiveness
  • Reflective Nature Walks
  • Yin Yoga forms & Gentle stretching
  • Cord cutting & Negative Thought form release
  • Sacred Dance & Movement
  • Affirmations & Mantras
  • Reiki
  • Gratitude (Journaling, Jar, or expression)
  • Embracing and Touching your body and body image

In my experience it’s not enough to simply, say or practice these things, but to truly take the time to reflect within yourself and deeply understand your inner value. You must learn to recognize on the deepest levels where you have been limiting yourself, address these issues, and then take action to heal them. For me this occurs in my thoughts. For ever you couldn’t tell me NOTHING; I am a damn holistic health coach for goodness sakes of course I love myself RIGHT!? UMMMMMM WRONG! Just because I was going through the motions didn’t mean I was hitting the core. It wasn’t until I was truly ready to say to myself, “I truly forgive you for all the things you believe you did wrong. I am making a conscious decision to love me unconditionally. NOT because I have earned it, but because I AM LOVE. I am the essence of creation, life, and freedom and because I see these qualities inside of myself I will then see them manifest around me.” I am by no means saying that you shouldn’t take those first steps of doing the affirmations even though it feels weird or by any means am I discouraging you from feeling like you shouldn’t do the work. I am simply saying that all the action in the world without the feeling and love to back it up is not full transformation so complete the cycle. Finish what you started LOVE YOU INTO BEING and watch your greatness manifest around you.

What if I told you that all that you need and more is already inside of you waiting to be awakened? That your beautiful life, your freedom, and your abundance can be yours now? Now what if I not only encourage you to your best self but I work with you side by side to cultivate your highest intent and capture the true essence of who you are meant to be. The time is now and the path is yours, let’s walk it together.

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5 Ways To Successfully Clear Your Chakras & Amazing Spiritual Practices to Make Your Life Sparkle


  1. Crystals

Well we all know why I listed this chakra therapy as number one. Does it get anymore amazing than crystal therapy? In addition to all of the other awesome things crystals do; they also clear your chakra points! Some ofthe most popular crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, & Citrine cleanse specific chakra points; while stones like clear quartz, flourite, and watermelon tourmaline can clear all of them at once. Whether you need help with a specific area of your life, emotions, health, or energy crystal are always amazing tools of healing.

Ways to use Crystals

  • Crystal Grids on body & surfaces
  • Sleeping with them near or around you
  • Meditating with crystals
  • Carrying or wearing them with or on you
  • Bathing with them in or around them
  • Pendulum work



Oh reiki you have changed my life! I live for your energy ❤ Reiki is one of the most ancient healing modalities on the planet utilizing the sense of touch and intention reiki is the only healing system that directly heals the practitioner and the receiver simultaneously. Reiki heals the subtle energy systems of the body amongst which are the meridians, the auric field, the emotion body, & you guessed it the chakras! Reiki flows the naturally healing energy of life force in an intentional process to the specifically affected areas of the body. Reiki is gentle, healing, and can be practiced almost anywhere.


Selfcare Reiki Attunements

Watch the video below to learn how https://youtu.be/f_7TXfQJL2YWatch the video below to learn how https://youtu.be/f_7TXfQJL2Y


3.Nature Therapies

Well this could have literally been atleast 3 or 4 other actual ways but I decided to combine them because they all involve utilizing some form of nature the original healer. What better way to cleanse then to directly tap into the natural forces of Mama!? Mother Earth is our sustainer and her life force naturally heals and gives to us always. We need her to survive and there is no way around it. Yet so many still seek to destroy or disrespect her SMH. If you want to heal yourself and the earth commune with her! Let her and the celestial forces holistically heal you.


  • Water: Saltwater bathing, whether its the beach or your bath tub taking a dip in some amazing salt water will literally bless you. Salt has always been prized for its healing and curative properties and seasalt is one of the most healing substances on earth. Soaking in this great stuff for atleast 20 min and playing in the water allowing yourself to release old emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and even toxins will be enough to cleanse even the most blocked chakras! (Do not bath in salt water if you have low blood pressure or are not properly hydrated)
  • Air: “Breath in that good ass pryna baby” Infinite Waters I mean of course its my element and all but you know you can’t live without it! Breathing one of the most essential components of life. If we don’t breath we don’t live. Intentional breathing is one of the most healing practices the world over. Almost all healing & spiritual systems have some variation of focused breathing. So whether it’s pranayama or qi gong, GET breathing! Preferably outside or near fresh air.
  • Earth: Earthing a practice of literally touching, sitting, lying, or standing on open earth to bond and connect with the naturally purifying element. Earthing will disperse the positive ion build up in your subtle energy field which has built up overtime because of modern technology use.
  • Fire: Now DO NOT SET YOURSELF OR YOUR LIVING SPACE ON FIRE, but fire is one of the most powerful elements we can think of having an unmistakable passionate and extreme nature. Harnessing this element to clear your chakras can be done a few ways.
  • Sunbathing
  • Candle work using chromotherapy
  • Bonfires: sitting near or burning symbolic things in a fire
  • Smudging combining fire and air elements to clear any energy blocks



4.Mantras & Sonic Therapy

One of my favorite ways to heal using music, sound, or frequencies to heal the spirit is more ancient than man ourselves. Sound is the original construct for creation. Word and sound have amazing power in this realm so use them to your advantage. Sound waves and frequencies effect our bodies at the quantum level. Making it one of the most effective ways to heal and transform the body from within.

7 Chakra Mantras

  1. Root : Lam
  2. Sacral: Vam
  3. Solar Plexus: Ram
  4. Heart: Yam
  5. Throat: Ham
  6. Thirdeye or Brow: Om
  7. Crown: Aum


Other sonic therapies that heal the chakras

  • Affirmations
  • Drumming
  • Singing/Laughing
  • Solfeggio Frequencies & Binaural Beats
  • Guided Meditations
  • Meditation Music
  • Bells & Chimes
  • Singing Bowls


Hailing from the vedic and yogic traditions mudras are the different hand positions that support each chakras process in clearing and balancing.  Each position holds a specific healing vibration to unlock the energies of each chakra.